Blue Moon AI

This is a project to create an artificial intelligence opponent for the game Blue Moon. All eight of the original Blue Moon people decks are supported, as well as the more recent Buka Invasion deck.



The following package contains the source code, card images, and neural networks for all matchups between the original eight decks. It should compile fairly easily on any Linux or other Unix-like system. You will need the GTK libraries and headers, etc, to compile it.

The following is a Windows self-installer provided by Dean Svendsen. It has a fairly complete German localization, and the German as well as English card images (select which to use at installation time). Note that unless you already have GTK libraries for Windows installed (unlikely), you will need those as well. If you have installed the GTK libraries from a previous Blue Moon version, there is no need to download or install them again.


See the AI FAQ for common problems and solutions.

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