Blue Moon AI FAQ

Here are several questions that have been frequently asked and answers for them:

Q: When trying to run the Windows version, I get an error like:

gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_utf8 call not found in libgdk_pixbuf-2.0-0.dll

A: This occurs when you have an older version of the GTK library installed (from some other program most likely). The best solution is to uninstall this old version and use the version 2.12.3 available from the Download section.

Q: The computer player has played a Caterpillar card, and I cannot discard cards to end my turn and announce my power.

A: Click on the Caterpillar card you wish to satisfy. Once all of the Caterpillars have had their requirements met (or you have ignored or discarded them), you may then announce your power. Note that if the Caterpillar card is ignored, or if you do not have cards which meet its requirements, you cannot bring up the discard dialog box.

Q: I played Hank Highflyer Hawk and annouced 0 Fire, and my opponent (who is playing the Vulca) played their mutant, even though I didn't announce at least 5 Earth!

A: Hank Highflyer Hawk ignores all aspects of all character cards, including the mutant in your opponent's hand. Therefore the restriction on being played is not in effect, and the element of the fight does not change.