Race for the Galaxy AI FAQ

Q: I (or one of my opponents) has settled the Hidden Fortress, yet the game ended when someone got to 12 cards. Why?

A: The Hidden Fortress only changes the game ending condition to 14 cards for the player who owns it. The other players will still end the game at the end of a round once they get to 12 cards.

Q: I have an active Contact Specialist. How do I pay for a military world with it? Or, why am I asked to pay cards when settling a 1-defense military world?

A: Similar to Colony Ship or New Military Tactics, the Contact Specialist must be chosen as part of your payment for the military world. To do this, click on it in your active card area. Currently, you have to do this even for military worlds with 1 defense, though this may be made easier in the future.

Q: I have the proper conditions to perform a takeover of an opponent's world. Why can't I select their world during the Settle phase?

A: Per the rules, you may declare a takeover attempt only after having an unused Settle action. Therefore, you must "skip" your normal Settle action by not selecting any world from your hand to play. Once all players' Settle choices have been revealed, you'll be prompted for which world to takeover.

Q: Why doesn't Rebel Cantina count toward the Propaganda Edge goal (most Rebel worlds)?

A: The Propaganga Edge goal only counts Rebel Military worlds, which Rebel Cantina is not. Notice that the little "Rebel" circle on the goal tile is outlined in red.

Q: Why doesn't Pan-Galactic Research give me the Galactic Status goal (first to a 6-cost development)?

A: The Galactic Status goal is only given after playing a development that costs 6 AND has a variable number of victory points. Notice that the tile shows both the cost of 6 and the ? for VPs.