Dice Simulator Help

This page simulates rolling a set of attack dice in Descent many times, and shows how often these rolls successfully achieve a given amount of damage and/or range.


The colored boxes at the top represent the dice rolled. These are specified by the weapon, with the black/silver/gold dice being added by the character's traits. Click on the dice to highlight the ones you will be rolling.

Desired Damage/Range

Enter the amount of damage and range you want to achieve in these fields. The simulator will also show you the chances of achieving values within +/- 4 of these values. Enter a range of 0 when simulating melee weapons.

Aim and Dodge

Aim allows the attacker to reroll any/all dice once. The simulator will always reroll any result of 'X' (miss), and additionally any other dice that have a higher chance of increasing the damage or range if they were originally too low.

Dodge allows the target to reroll any/all dice. The simulator will always reroll any die that has an 'X' face, and any others that have a high chance of lowering the damage or range.

Aim and Dodge together do nothing.


Fatigue can be spent on extra power (black/silver/gold) dice after the initial roll (but before a reroll using Aim or Dodge). If the rolled range or damage is less than the desired amount, then fatigue is spent to roll an extra die with the proper color to achieve that amount. This is repeated until the desired values are reached, the available fatigue is spent, or until 5 power dice have been rolled.


Many items, skills, or character abilities add bonus damage, range, or surges to attacks. Enter these bonuses here.

Points in sorcery can be spent on either range or damage, and are spent as needed.

Required Surges

Many monsters have a Fear attribute, and for each rank of Fear, one surge must be spent or the attack fails. Use this field to represent this.

This field can also be used to simulate weapons where surges must be spent to activate a special effect such as Blast. For example, if you want to compute your chances of achieving Blast with a Sunburst Rune (3 surges: Blast 1), enter 3 here. Any attacks which do not achieve 3 surges would then be treated as misses.

Surges spent in this way are not available for any other purpose.

Specific Skills and Abilities

The Lucky skill allows the attacker to use both the extra damage AND range from a power die. Select this box if this skill is available.

Laurel of Bloodwood's ability allows her to convert extra range into damage. Select this box if this ability is available.

Weapon Abilities

Many weapons allow spending of surges to increase the range or damage. Input these abilities here. The first field indicates the number of surges which must be spent. The second indicates the amount of benefit given, and the third indicates the type (Range or Damage). These abilities will be used as often as possible until all surges are spent.